Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday - August Edition

10. I am admitting I have a problem. I am addicted to pop.

9. While on a biking trip from Kalamazoo to South Haven my mom hit some loose gravel and flipped her bike. Since they were between check points she had to ride to the next one before they could take her to the ER. Her leg isn't broken, but it's the size of a melon and strange shades of purple. So glad she's okay!

8. I am also admitting that I am addicted to WordFeud on my phone. I play a scrabble-like game with different people. Right now I have a game going with my hubby, my mom and my mom's friend. It's pretty cool.

7. My mom just called and told me she found a baptism outfit for Mollie - but it's a doll's outfit! She girl is so tiny she can fit into doll clothes! LOL! I will make sure I post pictures.

6. Troy is going to be the next great gymnast in the Deaf Olympics. That boy has so much energy that we have started him in toddler olympics. He is so good at it!

5. Last week our work did our 2011 community day. All 2000+ employees chose 1 of 20 projects to volunteer at during the day and then we got a free Whitecaps game at night. Thom and I worked at the VSA (Very Special Arts) of Grand Rapids. We worked with over 200 special needs kids of all abilities to do art projects. It was very rewarding!

4. My 5K is next weekend! Grand Rapids Mud Run HERE I COME!! I am running with my girlfriend from 2nd grade :0)

3. Next week (2 days before my 5K) my husband has dual carpal tunnel surgery. I have a feeling I am going to be doing A LOT to help him!

2. Dean ended up in the emergency room at 6:00 am on Sunday morning. He woke up with a crazy rash at his Aunt's house and she had to bring him back home. Luckily with some antibiotics and steriods, they are under control.

1. SCHOOL STARTS 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!! My kids aren't excited but I'm thrilled!

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