Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Weekend

We had a GREAT weekend this weekend.

Luckily I kept my camera nearby and was able to photo-journal most of it!

Saturday morning I took Brady and Troy with me to go pick up Dean. On the way home we picked up doughnuts from Susie's Doughnuts. We just happened to walk in as the 4 most amazing looking cinnamon rolls were being put in the case. Now, these weren't any regular cinnamon rolls, they were the LARGEST cinnamon rolls I've ever seen (see below for a photo compared to a regular doughnut)! The boys talked me into getting all 4!

We then spent the morning playing. Our 10 year old, Brady, loves to play chess. So on many occasions Thom and Brady will play a game or two. Troy loves to be just like his big brother! Below is a photo of Thom and Troy "playing" chess:

Soon it was lunch time. We were able to eat the most delicious watermelon! Below is a photo of Troy eating his 3rd piece in full watermelon gear (apron) to keep his clothes from being destroyed:

The afternoon called for some sister bonding time. Daniella is so wonderful with Mollie. Dani was able to find some of Troy's puppets and put on a puppet show for her little sister. Mollie LOVED it!

That evening the children at our church put on the musical that they have been practicing for months called "Happily Forever After". Dean played the roll of Sir Court Lee. It was a great fairy-tale version of the kindgom of God. Dean had 21 family members come to see him! We were all so proud! Then our church had a free carnival and a silent auction. We all came home happy and completely exhausted!

Dean as "Sir Court Lee" in the black & red outfit in the middle

Sunday we woke up and decided not to go to church (this is a very rare occurance that I am not proud of). Every Sunday Thom makes the whole family pancakes and sausage, but as I forgot to buy syrup this week we were treated to cheese omelets, sausage, toast and coffee. Usually the coffee is just for Thom and I, but Troy loves it too much to deny. So this morning as he sat on my lap (as I held Mollie in the other arm) Troy was able to have a 1/4 cup of cold coffee:

Then the newspaper came and Daniella and I were able to coupon! I love couponing because I am now saving about 60% on my grocery bills. Here is a quick snapshot of my coupon binder:

Then as I cleaned the kitchen I noticed that all the kids were gathered around their sister. I was able to sneak in on them as they were playing (that's why no one is looking) for a rare moment!

After a quick run to the store it was lunch time. With 4 kids and a very hungry husband, every meal is quite a production. I thought I would give you a little idea of why we go through food so fast:

Normally the kids would eat outside on the deck, but with the weather being so nasty, they decided they wanted to have another kind of picnic:

Now lunch is cleaned up, Troy is asleep, Thom and the older 3 are at the hobby shop and Mollie is just waking up. Time for a little me time.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed my weekend!


Julia said...

It was really nice of you to share that with me Shelley. Thank you very much. Its amazing to see the resemblences between Ella, Brady, Troy and Mollie.

Daniella said...

those cinimon rolls were good!
dean was amazzing in the play! great job buddy!