Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten On Tuesdays

Ten On Tuesday

#10. 2 year old soccer is NOT what I thought it would be. We all dread going each week. Troy doesn’t understand the concepts. We usually just spend a lot of time by the net letting him kick it in and go and get it out. He seems to love that.

#9. Daniella made it into National Junior Honors Society. WHAT A SMART COOKIE! So proud of her. Last Wednesday we drove up to Kalkasa to watch her invocation and then for a small gathering at her mom’s house. It was nice to get together with her mom and show the kiddos we can get along. Plus it was nice to see where the kids live (been there a few times, but never inside).

#8. Our nanny starts again next week Tuesday! She is bringing her 1 month old with her to watch my kiddos. I can’t wait! I miss her so much!

#7. We are switching bedrooms. Since it is taking much longer to get the 2 additional bedrooms built we are going to do some moving for a few reasons. Mollie and Daniella are going to share the boys’ room (which is across the hall from us) and the 2 older boys are going to move to Daniella’s room in the basement. Mollie needs closet space – BADLY and it’s too hard to let her let her cry herself to sleep when she’s 4 feet from us. TIME TO MOVE!

#6. My boss went to his son’s graduation the other day and heard the name “Troy Stambaugh”. He double checked the program and sure enough…Troy Orin Stambaugh just graduated with his son! I honestly never thought there would be another Troy Stambaugh out there! (I do like the sound of Troy William Stambaugh much better!)

#5. I don’t think my garden is going to be accomplished this year. I really wanted to dig up, split and re-plant my hostas, and put a garden where the hostas are, but I honestly don’t see it getting done. With it so crazy hot 50% of the time and raining the other 50%, it is too hard to take a 4 month old outside. Unless I do it at midnight…it might have to wait until next year.

#4. Allergies are slowly killing our family. Troy is clawing at his skin on a daily basis until he bleeds. The doctor’s office finally gave us cream, nose spray and chewables for him. Poor Mollie’e eyes are watering every day. And me? Daily: 3 different allergy pills, eye drops, nose spray, and nasal irrigation. And allergy shots once a week. AND I just got prescribed an Epi Pen! UGH!!

#3. The new rule at our house is ‘dimes’. The kids get dimes for helping and being good. They lose dimes for being disrespectful or naughty. We are going to try this during the summer and see how it works.

#2. Thom and I are going to attempt and take Troy to his first movie when Cars 2 comes out. He is OBSESSED with “Cars” now and I’m sure between the popcorn, pop and movie he will sit through it. Or not.

#1. By the end of this week, I will have: a daughter in 7th grade, a son in 5th grade, a son in 4th grade, a son done with his first year of Deaf/HH school. **Sigh**

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julia said...

Hey, I couldnt help but notice that you actually admitted coming to our house! LOL! I hope that you guys enjoyed it. But you should have had 11. THOM said TOO SWEET of chocolate cake! That was a first...Please tell troy, I will gladly feed him cake anytime. I had a great time with you all! Tomorrow is the last day of school, and wow, 7th and 5th grades. I cant believe how fast they are growing up.